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Early 1900’s Italian Mourning Insignia


Cardboard, 67 x 52 cm

“Foederis Arca” stands for “Arc of the Covenant” and it’s an invocation og the Virgin Mary.

The Marian interpretation of the Ark of the Covenant is known since the Council of Ephesus.  Several analogies can be established between Mary and the Ark of the Covenant: the Ark was the throne of God, Mary is the true “Christophora;” the Ark contained the tables of the law, Mary’s womb bore the one who is the law of the new covenant; the Ark was precious and beautiful, made in gold, Mary’s soul is adorned with the beauty of her virtues; the Ark was a warranty for victory, Mary has been victorious in the battles of God (Pius XII); the Ark found a place in the inner “sanctum” of the Temple, Mary was assumed into heaven

Price: 190 €

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