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Antique Italian “Dollar” Handcuffs Restraining Device


Antique and very rare Italian (or Austriac) handcuff, shaped like a “$”. Early 1900’s, they’re quiete rare, but even more in such exceptional condition and with the original key !! So in perfect working condition.

These cuffs unlock by pulling the lock case up (when it is unlocked) from the bow and rotating the bow out. The bow will ratchet in normally (on one side, and reciprocally on the other side) under normal circumstances. To double lock (i.e. to prevent pulling up) move the small lever sticking out of the lock case. Once this is done, only the key will move it back.

There are no markings whatsoever. Overall measuring 8 inches across

MEASURES: Lenght 20 cm (8″).

Price: 490 €

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