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Antique Dissecting Table, late 1600’s


An exceptional antique dissecting table, from the late 1600’s, used in the Turin Medical University.
In that age in the Anatomical Theatrum human dissections were performed behind public, both medicine students but also normal person attended, attracted but this unique gruesome “show”.

That’s why to allow the view of everybody this unique table has been provide with a huge mechanism to allow it to be inclinated, with the death body on it.

What’s make it even most fascinating it’s the rod that allow the movement ending with a metal skull, exceptionally designed.

It’s all massive wood, and the table is metal plated (to not be blood-soaked).

There’s a hole at the end of the table with a tube, to recover the fluids under it.

There’s a written “Table…” behind, most likely “tableaux”, and so it’s from a French maker (and it makes sense, Turin is close to France).

The table is around 2 m x 80 cm. Mechanism in perfect working condition.

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