From an old press agency or American newspaper archive 2 very interesting photos about Guglielmo Marconi’s history:

– the first (dated 21 April 1933) it’s Marconi together with Mosley, the founder of the English fascist party, and hand in glove with Mussolini and Hitler. Especially his wife was close to Hitler, who gave her heavy financing to support the movement. And since the beginning the English fascist party got great success, as well as the Italian and German ones, until arrive to have almost the majority in the Parliament in the 1930’s. Mosley was arrested before the war and his wife’s suicide tentative. This couple is referring as one of the most negative in the whole English history.

This photo is quite rare as after the war there’s a tentative to cover up relation between Marconi and fascism and their protagonists, so it’s a very important document for the Marconi and Mosley history.

– the second photo is about the visit of Marconi and his wife at the White House

These are real original photos, not reprints, from a press agency, printed on shine paper, 25.5 x 20.5 cm. Both in good condition, with traces of their age.

Behind each photo a light paper label with description of the content, as usual in this kind of archive photos.

Price: 400 €

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