Museo Civico “Emanuele Barba”
Via A. de Pace, 108 – Gallipoli (Lecce)

The museum is dedicated to the Gallipoli naturalist Emanuele Barba, who gave the city its “collection of curiosities”. In his life as a scholar, patriot, man of science and benefactor, Emanuele Barba founded at his own expense a Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, which primarily consists of pieces from his personal collections.
The museum has been enriched over the years with new items and now has a mix of collections, originally divided into 10 departments, including:

  • an archaeological section consisting of Roman and Messapian finds (flint and bronze tools, vases, amphorae and sarcophagi)
  • a comprehensive artistic and historical section with several paintings by artists from Salento lived between the 19th and 20th century, vintage clothing and accessories, a valuable collection of majolica, ceramics and glass, firearms and knives
  • a natural history section with fossils, fish skeletons, stuffed animals, corals and shells (and a little room with some teratological human and animal specimens)
  • a collection of various objects from the valves of the oil pipelines of the Gallipoli‚Äôs harbour to household furnishings
  • finally a section made up of incunables, books from the 1500s, manuscripts and various documents related to the local history

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