Our history

NautilusEstablished in 2005 in Italy by the merge of our personal collections after decades of avid accumulation, Nautilus is a modern wunderkammer, where antique science and natural history meet. Inspiring wonder.

We mainly specialize in antique scientific and medical instruments, but our interest extends to everything unusual, weird and “unique”, for its history or design. And the bad news – for our pocket and warehouse’ space – is that this borders are every day wider.

We try to be sellers (a real pain for our collector’s attitude) because we deeply believe the best part of our passions is in the sharing of our knowledge, emotions and treasures.

And after the memorable years of the shop in Turin and Modena in this moment the Nautilus is diving… but we’re really expecting for his next surfacing!

Contact us

Alessandro Molinengo

phone: +39 342 7093527

Fausto Gazzi

phone: +39 335 6485094

Once upon a time in Turin

click on the picture to open the gallery (with photos by Stefano Bessoni, Simone Bergantini, Fabien Breuil, Gabriella Di Muro, Angela Da Soghe):

Once upon a time in Modena

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